Our Services

Tax Preparation

Dotts Hamilton has decades of experience in all levels of tax preparation.  This would include corporate tax returns, both C-corporations and S-Corporations; business partnership tax returns and the LLC’s they are associated with.  Of course we can handle any type of personal tax return including business Schedule C ‘s and farms.  We also handle a large number of clients with rental properties.  Of course we do all the filings electronically including local tax return.  We have a staff of six experienced tax professionals here to serve you.


Dotts Hamilton provides a broad array of levels of payroll service designed to uniquely serve the exact level of service you need and want.  You do not have to fit into our system.  Instead, we will fit into your needs.  That means we can provide the most thorough and complete live payroll system, generating paychecks including direct deposit if you wish; and also include timely payment of all payroll taxes including all government reporting.  Don’t need live payroll but only want quarterly reporting done for you?  No problem ! You take care of your own live payroll, then provide us with the payroll information quarterly and we will handle all the quarterly and annual government reporting and calculate any payments due.  Just want year end W-2 and 1099 reporting?  No problem !!  Give us a call to discuss your needs.


As with payroll services, Dotts Hamilton will tailor the level of service to meet your needs.  We have highly experience accounting professionals here to serve your needs no matter how complex or how limited your needs my be.  We can provide “full service” monthly accounting with monthly reporting or quarterly accounting compilations.  Sometimes all you want is a quarterly or semi-annual review of your own accounting records.  And sometimes it’s just once-a-year annual reconciliations.  We will provide whatever service that best meets your needs.  We will also assist you in setting up your books or give you specific training in QuickBooks so that you can do it properly yourself.  Not a problem !!  Give us a call to discuss your needs.


General Notary services.