P1000340_Office3Our office is very easy to find. Most of you are from the Bellefonte area and live within the Bellefonte Area School District, so you are familiar with the location of the Bellefonte Middle School and Senior High School. From Bishop Street, you will turn onto School Street at the red light in front of the Senior High School, at Burger King and Citizens Bank. We are located in the building immediately behind Citizens Bank. Bellefonte Family Dentistry is in the upper level of the building and Dotts Hamilton is located in the lower level. Go to the lower level parking area and you will see our sign and our door on the corner of the building. There is very ample parking as all the spaces in the lower level, against the building, belong to Dotts Hamilton customers.

If you are coming from outside the immediate Bellefonte area, whether north, south, east, or west, the best way to get to our office is to follow route 99 to the Bellefonte/Zion Route 550 exit (the last exit before route 80)(or the first exit if you are coming off route 80). At the end of the exit ramp, bear right. This is route 550 which becomes Bishop Street. Continue on Bishop Street for less than a mile and you will come to the red light between the two Bellefonte Schools. Turn right at Burger King, go about 200 feet and turn left into our parking area at the lower level of the Bellefonte Family Dentistry building.